Philanthropy - Making a Difference

One of the IWC’s aims is “to give support to philanthropic projects”.  We aim to provide support via many avenues.

What do we do?

Every month we nominate a cause that will benefit from our fundraising. We hold a monthly raffle and sell second-hand books & magazines. Depending on the needs of the particular charity, we will organise collections of requested items, & deliver the proceeds directly, providing hands-on volunteering where feasible.

From collections of toiletries for retirement homes, clothes for a women’s refuge, baby bundles for Newborns, supplies for a Soup Kitchen or plastic bottle tops to exchange for wheelchairs; you name it, we’ve done it!

Fundraising Events

Throughout the year we also hold ad hoc fundraising events to raise funds for our Philanthropic Projects. We also promote events held by local charity organisations to support them in their fundraising efforts.

Here are some of the charities we have helped in the past.