Shared Interest Groups

It’s so much easier to make friends when you have interests in common, therefore we have many Interest Groups with monthly meetings/outings to come along to. Whether your passion is visiting beautiful gardens; galleries & exhibitions, Jazz Clubs or wine farms we have something for everyone.

Art & Design

Every few weeks we seek out a venue or attend an event with an art or design angle. From Street Art to World Class Galleries, to Architectural Gems, there is something for every aesthetic.


Outings with a garden theme! No green fingers required. We visit botanical gardens, nature reserves, landscape attractions, beautiful historic gardens and even city gardens.


Explore Art-themed Interactive Activities inspired & organised by fellow members. Only join in if you’re prepared to organise one yourself!

Hotel Confidential

What is the hospitality industry really about? What lies behind the mirrors and glass doors, the neat uniforms and the chef’s caps, the clinking wine bottles and the beautifully arranged food on your plate? Join us to find out!

Jazz Club

Keep your finger on the pulse of the vibrant Cape Town Jazz Scene.

Movie Club

Whether Blockbusters or Indie, join fellow film buffs for new and interesting movies every month at a variety of venues across the city.

Theatre Group

The Theatre Group covers all theatre activities from ballet to opera to orchestra to small theatrical productions, dance productions, etc. We have a theatre WhatsApp group where members can post all upcoming activities and can form their own small groups to attend.

Tourist around Town

How often are we a tourist in our Home Town? We visit some of the more regular tourist spots or have fun discovering something new or hidden. Whether you are from overseas or a local tourist, it doesn’t matter, we enjoy discovering places of common interest, together.


The opportunity to share knowledge, skills, and expertise with a Master of Professional on a subject, from ceramics to neuroscience. We have the opportunity to hear, share demonstrations (where it applies), or answers questions from experts in their field. A “hands on” activity.

Wine Appreciation

Cape Town is the wine capital of Southern Africa. We explore vineyards in all parts of the Cape area, enjoying every aspect of what our wine farms have to offer.

Fun & Fitness Groups

Whether it’s walking & hiking in our beautiful Cape, shimmying to Latin sounds with Zumba Class or brushing up on your rusty racquet skills, it’s always more fun with friends!

Hiking Club

Cape Town has many different trails and hikes. This group explores the wonderful beauty of Cape Town’s natural environment. Fitness requirement – reasonable hiking abilities.

Tennis Club

We play on Monday mornings in Newlands. It is a very social tennis with the emphasis on having FUN!

Walking Club

If hiking and mountains frighten you a little but you like the idea of exploring outside, then join the gentler Walking Club. They meet at the same venue as the hikers and walk a different route.

Zumba Club

Zumba is an exercise fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training - alternating fast and slow rhythms - to help improve cardiovascular fitness. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to try your best! The Zumba group is open to all levels and is more about having fun, catching up with each other and moving our bodies to stay healthy rather than perfect dance moves!

Language Groups

We have vibrant Italian & Spanish Conversation groups who meet regularly to chat together in their own Mother Tongue. Great for those who miss speaking their own language.

French Conversation Group

A group for those members interested in brushing up on their French conversation skills in a fun environment.

German Conversation Group

Join this diverse group of German speaking members for coffee and friendship.

Italian Conversation Group

Not a beginners club – but definitely a perfect opportunity to practice your skills if you have a basic grasp of the language.

Spanish Conversation Group

This is a casual social event for native Spanish speakers and those with a working knowledge of the language and culture to converse. Not a beginners club – but definitely a perfect opportunity to practise your skills if you have a basic grasp of the language.

And Then There’s Food

We all know bonding around a table over coffee & cake or a sumptuous lunch is the best way to make lasting friendships, either at home with the One Dish Club or out and about at one of our abundance of excellent restaurants & cafés with the Coffee Around Cape Town, or the Friday & Sunday Lunch Clubs.

Coffee Around Cape Town

There are so many wonderful, quirky and interesting coffee shops hidden away in Cape Town. We seek them out and invite you to sit down for a morning cuppa and maybe something decadent to eat … and enjoy a friendly catchup.

Cultural Exchange Pop-Ups

An opportunity to learn about other cultures from fellow members and International Clubs Around the World.

Cultural Cooking

We are a group of IWC ladies from various cultures. China, Finland, India, South Africa, Malaysia, Kenya, Phillipines and England. We meet to share ideas on different culture foods, meet friends, make new friends and EAT together. We are able to host 5-7 members each month for them to join in the Fun.

Friday Lunch Club

Each month we visit a different restaurant or bistro in and around Cape Town. We seek out the venues that offer something special in the line of food or atmosphere – or both!

International Cuisine

Discovering the history of a region, country or a cultural/ethnic group; their customs and traditions which create their cuisine as food & drink are the basic elements of our human existence. We prepare it, share it and enjoy the whole experience together.

International Gastronomy

Explore exciting cuisine from all over the world presented by members of the club in their own homes.

One Dish Club

As the name suggests, your hostess serves a small group of guests a “one dish” lunch at her home. Venues are different every month ensuring we visit all parts of Cape Town.

Sunday Lunch Club

Each of our Sunday lunches is held at a different luncheon venue around Cape Town, ranging from restaurants on the seafront to interesting bistro’s in town and even to picnics under the trees in one of our beautiful wine farms.

Supper Club

Like to venture out in the evenings? Join your IWC friends for dinner at the incredible restaurants all around Cape Town.

Up for Something Cerebral?

Perhaps our Music Appreciation, Great Jouneys, Mahjong & Book Clubs are for you? Mahjong is played weekly at Kelvin Grove, whereas Great Journeys, Music Appreciation and Book Clubs occur periodically through the year.

Book CLubs

We have four active book clubs in different geographic areas of Cape Town each on a different day in the month so if reading is your hobby.

Bridge Club

The bridge group plays the classic card game online on BBO (Bridge Base Online) in an informal and flexible manner. Members of the group don’t have a fixed schedule or commitment, and come together spontaneously whenever they are available for a game, allowing for a relaxed and enjoyable experience without rigid obligations. Members who travel or live outside South Africa for part of the year are therefore able to join in as well.

Finding Your Mojo

Life can be complicated. You need to be resilient, optimistic and energized, adaptable and able to solve problems so you can keep moving forward. Resilience is not character or personality. It’s a set of behaviours that you can learn. In the Finding your Mojo workshops I will provide input on a range of topics and create a space where we can share problems and experiences.


This fascinating, fast-moving and fun game of Chinese origin would appeal to the quick-thinking and competitive. They play every Tuesday.

Music Appreciation

No knowledge of music required for this club activity – only an interest to learn. Lead by our resident musicologist, this is an introduction to all types of music. The date is secured and announced every month.

Perspective Unleashed

With "Perspectives Unleashed," we aspire to build trust and encourage openness, valuing the power of respectful conversation and the exchange of ideas. We believe that by embracing different viewpoints, we can broaden our horizons, challenge our own beliefs, and foster a deeper understanding of the world around us. The topics we discuss will cover a wide range of areas, including social, cultural, political, and ethical matters. From current events to timeless dilemmas, each session promises to ignite stimulating conversations that will leave us enriched with new perspectives.