Code of Conduct


We are part of an International Club. Every time we appear in public wearing our name badges, we automatically represent the IWC and everything we do has an impact on our image.

  • FRIENDSHIP FIRST: Our most valuable asset within the Club is friendship. Please handle the relationships you have within the Club with care. If you have an issue about a member, think it through first and preferably have a quiet word with the member herself. If this doesn’t work, write to the Board so we can assist the conversation.
  • ALWAYS WEAR YOUR BADGES. Please wear them to ALL events, outings & IWC activities as well as our monthly General Meetings.  It helps us to remember each other’s names.
  • WELCOME NEWCOMERS: If you notice a red dot on someone’s badge, it means she is new to IWC. Please actively extend the hand of IWC friendship and greet her. Show her around. Make her feel wanted and welcome.
  • IN PUBLIC VENUES: Treat our hosts (and any staff involved in looking after us) with respect and grace.
  • AT MEMBERS’ HOMES RESPECT PROPERTY & PRIVACY: You are a guest and guest rules apply. Please treat their home with the utmost respect.
  • TREAT FACEBOOK WITH CARE: Yes, we know. It is a social media site for IWC members and their opinions! However, reputations can be made or ruined in this very public forum.
    • A need to comment? Please keep your comments short.
    • It is not the place to start a war. Please refrain from criticising the Club, a specific event, or a member of the Club on Facebook. Rather write to the Board and discuss your issue.
    • No personal advertisements or promotions, no business networking, no photos unrelated to IWC activities.  If you have something you would like to share that falls outside the Club, please send an email to the Board Secretary.
  • RESPECT KELVIN GROVE AS OUR OFFICIAL HOME: We are guests at this very exclusive country club. The staff in the ballroom and the dining areas are generally professional and helpful and deserve good manners from anyone wearing an IWC badge.
  • AREA REPRESENTATIVES & GROUP LEADERS: The ladies who volunteer to be the area reps or to take on the job of group activity leader do so in the name of caring and friendship. They form the backbone of IWC.  Please acknowledge their efforts. If you have a problem, please be tactful or contact the Board.
  • MANNERS MAKETH THE (WO)MAN:  When attending a group event or monthly meeting, please mute your cell phone and offer your full attention to the event. It is just good manners!