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Membership Benefits

Make Friends, Make Memories Make a Difference

The aim of the International Women’s Club of Cape Town is to promote friendship among women of all nations while also giving support to philanthropic projects.

Joining our club means not only do you get to meet an array of intelligent, interesting and international women here in Cape Town, but there are many tangible benefits as well. Our club creates a framework where members can meet each other while participating in engaging activities and giving back to the community in meaningful ways.  We also have many exciting new initiatives as a club to keep our members connected even during difficult and remote times.

All members get access to fascinating speakers every month as part of their membership for no extra charge: we hold hybrid meetings over Zoom so if your calendar finds you in Europe or the US (or even just Johannesburg!) you can still partake in our activities.  Monthly speakers cover a variety of topics from Napoleon and the Rosetta Stone (history), Women in Conservation, (Ecology/Environmentalism), Ian and Sandy Führ: Founders of Sorbet (Entreprenurship), Comedian Alan Committie (Humour), Alternative Healing and Sleep Studies (Medical/Health), and Philanthropy projects, to name only a select few.  There is a speaker for everyone’s preferences!

We have a dynamic membership, and our club uses a unique trunk and branch approach to make sure no member gets left behind: the club is divided into geographical areas headed by area representatives who offer local coffee mornings and get-togethers so there is always a member nearby with whom you can meet up for a chat, ask questions about Cape Town, or car-pool to meetings.

Members have access to group activities from A – Z (Literally! From Art and Design group to our weekly Zumba dance classes, with many other activities in between!) Some of our popular group offerings include prestigious wine tastings with cellar masters, tours of exclusive gardens, and walking and hiking our beautiful local mountain trails.

See our Activities Page to find out more about our offerings.

Our updated monthly newsletter in magazine format that includes recipes, jokes, interviews, reviews and all course all the details of our IWC events, both in-person and virtually, from Stellenbosch to Stockholm. We record our IWC lectures and general meetings, so even if you cannot make the live or Zoom talk, you can still watch it later at your leisure on our IWC YouTube page.

Lastly, we are truly an international club: We have cultural exchanges, dance parties, cooking classes and lectures from other Open Door clubs in our network, and connect with other clubs from several other continents.  It is a taste of “virtual travelling” while the real thing is still paused for the moment, and it is a way of creating community throughout the world. Our ease with technology means that even as a “swallow” you can still access all our wonderful activities of the IWC whilst overseas.

Message from the President

Strength in Community

Our theme for 2021 is Strength in Community.  It is pertinent to what is going on in the world around us, and reminds us of our unity as club during these unusual times.

As this pandemic drags on, we miss our friends, our routines, and the ability to go outside without being worried that we will get sick. Whether we like it or not, Covid-19 has affected all of us in ways both subtle and obvious.

To counter this, we can focus on positivity – keeping our spirits up by staying connected as a club really contributes to our staying stronger together. It is with the foundation of friendship and shared experiences that we can expand and brighten our outlook.  We are here to support each other while making a difference in the lives of the most needy.

This year, inspired by the capability of technology, we have been busy reaching out to other International Women’s Clubs around the world in order to share fun and interesting events with other international clubs. We will have cultural exchanges, dance parties, cooking classes and lectures from other Open Door clubs in our network, and will be connecting with other clubs from several other continents.  It is way of creating and enlarging our community throughout the world and helping us stay resilient while looking towards the future.

Thank you for supporting your club during this time!

Contact Details

Postal Address
P.O.Box 587
Constantia 7848
Cape Town
Republic of South Africa

Amanda Osorio
+[27] 82 878 8070