Membership Matters


Once a month we meet at our “home base” in the Ballroom of the Kelvin Grove Club in Newlands, Cape Town. Meetings are always on the first Thursday of each month and start at 10:30am. Most members come early to enjoy a cup of coffee and a bit of socializing before settling down to some club formalities and to listen to a guest speaker. Our Group and Activity Leaders are all there to offer information about events planned for the month ahead. When it comes to some of the activities, the leaders book events in advance and members are invited to sign up for whatever events appeal to them. Please be early, lists fill up fast!

Interested in attending a meeting? Please send an email to our president. We would love to have you!


For security reasons name badges are compulsory at all General Meetings. A penalty of R10.00 will be charged at the registration desk if you forget to wear your badge. The money taken will go directly into the philanthropic pot. If you’ve lost your badge, don’t worry, just ask at the membership desk when you arrive for the General Meeting, fill in a form and we’ll organize you a new one. The replacement cost for a new badge is R 50-00.  We also ask you to wear your name badge when you are out  at an IWC activity or event.


Please check for minutes, membership matters and miscellaneous information. You will also find lots of useful information about all the events and activities going on. Some of them will invite you to sign up with the Group Leaders inside the Ballroom and some “Happenings In & Around Cape Town” are for your own information in the hope that you gather up a friend or two and enjoy the event by yourselves.

Our President and Secretary are in charge of the notice board.  Only notices pertaining to IWC Activities can be placed on the notice board.


We follow the international guidelines for membership ratios, which allows for two thirds international members and one third South African.


The directory is for members’ use only. Sorry – but it’s not for commercial use! Please don’t give it to anyone who might abuse the confidential information printed for commercial use. Not for personal use.

Please check your directory to ensure that your details are correct.

Something wrong or changed? Please let any member of the board have those changes before 01 December so we can include them in next year’s directory. Better still, do not wait until the last minute. Tell us about any changes as soon as they occur. Form for changes are available at the membership desk every month at the general meetings.  Please print clearly as we would like to keep our records as accurate as possible!

Your new membership directory for the year will be available at the first general meeting in February of every year. One directory per member!


Members are reminded that the latest date for membership fees is 31st December. Please ensure that payment is made in time to ensure your membership status for the following year. Any member not paying their annual fees by this date will sacrifice their membership and be required to rejoin, if there is an opening, or be required to be put on a waiting list.


Joining Fee – R 600-00 Once off payment on application for membership
Membership Fee – R 650-00 Annual Subscription

The Membership Fee is due once your application has been approved by the board.

Membership fees for the following year are due by 31st December of the current year. Should your membership fee not be paid in time, your membership will lapse and you will have to re-apply for membership and a joining fee will be levied. There is a risk that if the membership is full you will need to be placed on a waiting list.

Club Banking Details:

Standard Bank
Branch: Sea Point  (024109)
Account 071078975
Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ


If you intend to resign, please would you send us written notification? The Club has a waiting list of ladies who would like to join. As a courtesy to them please let us know so that we can process their applications as quickly as possible.