With a membership of over 400 women from 42 countries, the IWC Cape Town is about friendship, support and interactions… along with the promise of stimulation, learning and fun!

We are first and foremost a friendship club. Our activities are about social interaction that have a specific focus or theme such as cultural, educational, recreational activities both indoors such as mah-jong and outdoors such as hiking.


The International Women’s Club of Cape Town


The aim of the Club is to promote friendship among women of all nations and to give support to philanthropic projects.


  • The membership of this Club shall consist of women interested in and willing to cooperate in achieving the Club’s purposes.
  • A candidate for membership shall have attended one monthly meeting as an invited guest and shall thereafter be proposed and seconded by two members of the Club of at least one year’s standing, before becoming a member.
  • The Board, at its discretion, shall exercise the right to terminate a membership.
  • Full members are required to attend a minimum of 5 (five) monthly meetings per calendar year, or automatically relinquish their membership. Apologies for acceptable absence of less than 5 (five) meetings per year will be considered by the Executive Board.
  • Foreign born national residents in Cape Town will be eligible for immediate membership at the discretion of the Board, if there are vacancies.
  • The full membership ratio of two-thirds international and one-third South African members shall be maintained.
  • Membership shall not exceed 500 and a waiting list will be kept for all applicants not accepted immediately.
  • Temporary Cape Town residents can apply for Associate Membership. The entrance fee and yearly subscription will be the same as for Active Members, they will be counted in the Club’s active membership total; they may not attend the AGM and will not be eligible to vote.
  • Those women who attended the organizational meeting on October 12, 1976 shall be Charter members.
  • Those women who attended the first public meeting on February 3, 1977 shall be Founder members.
  • The membership list is for the personal and social use of the IWC members only for IWC matters, and is not to be used for commercial purposes.
  • All members must be entitled to annual or seasonal membership.
  • Members may not sell their membership rights.


  • The Club shall meet monthly from February to November inclusive, on the first Thursday of the month unless otherwise decided by the Executive Board.
  • Any number of members present at monthly meetings and at the Annual General Meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
  • The Annual General Meeting for the election of officers and submission of written reports by officers shall be held in October each year in addition to the monthly meeting.
  • All members and their guests attend monthly meetings and group activities at their own risk. The IWC cannot be held liable for any loss or injury incurred by a member or guest at any meeting or event.


  • Officers elected by full members shall make up the Executive Board.
  • The elected officers shall be the President, the Vice President, the Recording Secretary and the Treasurer, the Membership Chair, the Speaker Chair, the Philanthropy Chair and the Media Chair.  A total of three consecutive years on the Board may be served by any one member, where after members may be re-elected or co-opted to the Board after a stand down period of one year.  Nominees for President should have at least one year’s Board experience.
  • All Board members should appoint a deputy to assist and/or take over office when necessary, but without voting powers on the Board.
  • Nominations for officers, duly proposed and seconded by members of at least one year’s standing and accompanied by the nominee’s consent shall reach the Nomination Secretary in writing in time for presentation in the newsletter for the October meeting.
  • Elections shall be done by full members or designated proxies available to the board two days in advance of AGM.
  • The composition of the Executive Board referred to in (a) above must compromise at least three persons, who are not connected in relation to each other and who accept the fiduciary responsibility of the Club. No single person directly or indirectly may control the decision making powers relating to the Club.



  • The PRESIDENT shall preside at all meetings of the Club. She shall appoint all chairladies and special committees and shall exercise general supervision over the affairs of the Club. She shall appoint a person to audit the Treasurer’s report annually.
  • The VICE PRESIDENT shall stand in for the President and oversee the Area Reps and Activity Groups.
  • The RECORDING SECRETARY shall write the monthly newsletter (to be approved by the President). She also will record the minutes of all meetings (Board and Gral meeting) and act as custodian of all records unless specifically assigned to others. She shall be responsible for displaying copies of the newsletter and last IWC General Meeting Minutes at following IWC meeting.
  • The TREASURER shall receive and disperse all Club funds on approval of the Executive Board. She shall maintain the bank accounts and shall present written reports to Board meetings. All transactions should be co-signed and approved by the President.
  • The PROGRAMME (SPEAKERS) chair shall be responsible for the monthly speakers (and technical support), guests bookings and the booking of accommodation and organize facilities for the monthly meeting.
  • The MEMBERSHIP chair shall be responsible for compiling a membership and general club information directory. She also needs to organize the new members’coffee mornings and check applications for membership which will be considered by the Board.  Approved new member information should be sent to the respective Area Reps.  In addition, the registration team will be selected by her and report to her.
  • The PHILANTHROPIC chair shall investigate suitable organisations suggested by the members and recommend those suitable for donations.
  • The MEDIA CHAIR shall manage the club website working with the designated website technician. She will also manage the IWC WhatsApp message service to be used only for IWC Board related matters.  She will also manage and police our Facebook page as per IWC rules to be used exclusively by IWC members and only on IWC issues or activities.  She will handle any other Media for IWC promotion or advertising beyond the club.

Any financial liability incurred by Executive Board members whilst carrying out their duties in their capacity as Executive Board members shall be indemnified by the Club as long as such duties have been carried out in good faith and in the reasonable belief that any actions were in the best interests of the Club.


An Administration Secretary may be appointed by the Executive Board, if considered necessary, but the Recording Secretary usually will do this job.


  • The yearly subscriptions and entrance fees shall be established by the Executive Board.
  • The entrance fee and yearly subscription shall be payable prior to admission to membership and, thereafter, the yearly subscription at the A.G.M., the November meetings or by EFT or by direct bank deposit prior to December 31st each year.
    Members whose yearly subscriptions are not fully paid up by December 31st each year automatically relinquish their membership. Any member whose membership is relinquished due to non payment by December 31st may apply to re-join upon payment of a fee as determined by the Executive Board.
  • The Executive Board shall be empowered to vote upon advice from the Treasurer, up to R5’000.00 during any club year for a worthy purpose(s) without prior vote by the full membership.
  • On the dissolution of the Club, the assets and funds may only be transferred to another recreational club, which is approved by the Commissioner of Inland Revenue, or to a public benefit organisation as defined in terms of Section 30 of the Income Tax Act.
  • The fiscal year shall be October 1 to September 30.
  • All activities of the Club must be carried out in a non-profit manner.
  • No remuneration may be paid to any person that is excessive, having regard to what is generally considered reasonable in the sector and in relation to the service rendered, nor may any remuneration be determined as a percentage of any amounts received or accrued at the Club.
  • The Club will not distribute any surplus funds to any person.
  • The Club may not be part of a tax avoidance scheme.
  • Any financial liability incurred by the Executive Board members whilst carrying out their duties in their capacity as Executive Board members shall be indemnified by the Club, as long as such expenses were approved by the Board and such duties were carried out in good faith and in the reasonable believe that such actions were in the best interests of the Club.


  • The Constitution may be amended at the Annual General Meeting by a two-thirds vote of the full membership present, provided the proposed amendments have been published in the previous month’s newsletter.

A copy of the amendments to the Constitution must be submitted to the Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service.